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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Seafood boil varies depending on region, but any kind of variations of boiled (steam or bake) seafood accompanying by side dishes like corn and potatoes counts! Seafood boil is one of favorite treat-yourself-meal. As always, I’m sharing it with you all. Let’s walk through step by step and I will show you an easy way to enjoy your seafood with flavors. What I use : Any seafood of your choice( the more the better!) It can be frozen or fresh seafood Corn 🌽 Potatoes 🥔 Shrimp 🦐 Lobster 🦞 Crawfish 🦞 Mussels Sausage Crabs 🦀

Now, before we get into the cooking, I would like to share some of the benefits of seafood with you. This channel wants you to East tasty food, but also healthy food! ‘Tasty and Healthy’ is the goal. Benefits of seafood: • Contains Vitamin A, B and D. • boosts our brain cells. • Seafood is high in protein and low on fat that makes it good for our heart. • Seafood eases joint pain. • Seafood helps maintain good eyesight (vision 20/20). • Seafood can and will give you better skin(added glow). This is me giving out one of my secret for all those who keep asking me how do I maintain this glow, there you have it. #seafood Let’s get into the cooking! Total Prep Time: 60 mins. Servings: 5-6 servings. Cook Time: 45 -60 minutes. INGREDIENTS • 4 Onion • 8 bell pepper (mix the colors) • 6-7 Hot pepper ( spicy 🌶) or you can go without if you’re not into hot and spicy food. SEASONING • 1 ½ tbsp of crabs seasoning • 1 tbsp black pepper. • Two (2) maggi crevette shrimp/ chicken buillon or maggi star crayfish/ Nigerian Maggi. • 1 knorr cubes. • 1 tbsp of badia complete seasoning. • 1 tbsp of Lawry’s all-purpose chicken seasoning. • 6-8 packs of sazon Goya

Cook: • Boil Potatoes and corn for 10-12 mins • Add Lobster to boiling water and cook for 4-5 minute • Blend the bell pepper, onion and hot pepper. • Fry the blended bell peppers in 1 or 2 cups of oil (depending on how much pepper you blend) for 15-20 mins. Steam all the seafood together for about 5-7 mins before adding the cooked sauce and mix it all together. Tip: Do your measurement for the entire meal and split the seasoning using half for prepping and the other half for the meal. Seafood is a delicious meal that most people would love to prepare but, they don’t always know the right ingredients and what to use to make it come out tasty. I’m optimistic that you’ll be a seafood campaigner after this! Thanks for trying out the recipe and let me know when you try it. I want to hear from you all- Please drop your comment and suggestions in the comment section and I will check them out. Remember to invite friends and families to join the healthy and tasty cooking. Watch out for more cooking videos on my YouTube channel (cooking with miatta). Until next time, keep making your belly happy! Thank you!

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