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Beach Town

Learn How to travel with a full-time job

Hey there, fellow wanderers! I'm Miatta Borkai, a passionate travel enthusiast who believes that the world is my playground. By day, I'm a dedicated Nurse tackling the challenges of a full-time job, and weekends (and every precious weekend), I transform into a globetrotting explorer, seeking the magic that exists in every corner of our beautiful planet.


What to Expect:

On my blog and social media, I'm your go-to guide for:

- Destination Inspiration: Discover unique, off-the-beaten-path places that are worth your precious vacation days.

- Travel Hacks: Learn the tricks and tools I use to maximize my travel experiences while keeping my job on track.


- Stunning Photography: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the world through my lens, and let it ignite your wanderlust.

- Personal Growth: Join me in the pursuit of self-discovery and growth through travel.

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