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I am Miatta Borkai, but most people call me Mia. You can call me Mia too!

I am a proud African! I am from a small country in West Africa called Liberia. My identity as a Liberian/African woman plays a huge part of who I am. I always find ways to insert my Liberian culture into my lifestyle and work. 

I am a mama, actress, and blogger. 

I am a mom to a beautiful and matured little girl who is my world. 

I love to act. I did not get professional training. I’ve been in movies and short films.

I am a fashion and food blogger. Acting always came naturally to me, but so did cooking and shopping on a budget! 


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 Miatta,s World


I have always loved food and feeding people. I enjoy sharing meals with friends and family. 

You can always catch me throwing budget-friendly clothing together to slay a timeline near you. 

Life is fun when you are well fed and show up looking your best! Don’t you agree? 

In the past, I have worked with many small businesses including photographers, restaurants, beauticians, and fashion designer promoting their brands and products. 

Miatta Borkai


I started Miatta’s World as a place to document all the things that I am passionate about and a way to share daily lifestyle tips with others. I strongly believe sharing is caring and there’s room for many stars to shine.


On this platform, I will share style through daily outfits, cooking recipes, and film projects I am involved with as well as mommy & me styles. 


I want to be able to use this space as a guide to all things relating to my life. I am multitasking daily, but the fun will be sharing with you all how to make it look so easy! 

Miatta’s World puts you in the front seat of all my exclusive content. It is a walk through my lifestyle. I am on social media so please tell a friend and reserve your seat (subscribe!)

I am just an ordinary girl with an extraordinary passion I’m ready to share with you all. Are you ready? Let’s slay & cook together. 

Welcome to Miatta’s World.

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A lot of people have asked me:

Why cooking? Why fashion? Why modelling?

Well, my love for all this started at a very young age. As an eight-year-old girl, I was a little different from my peers as I wasn't all into jumping up and down the couch, playing with dolls like other children. I identified my passions quickly and, in my crazy way, acted on them. Why crazy? I came from a large and lovely family, and the women would gladly testify that I sure was on their cases one way Or the other. I remember always cooking even after serving salty, watery, and spicy dishes that I couldn't eat myself. Yet, I didn't quit; I kept learning and working on myself, and that journey has brought me this far.

Same with fashion and makeup. I can't count how many times I had tried walking and tried fitting into my mom and aunt's oversized clothing to do a walk down the runway in our hallway for them.  Well, sounds so funny now but, that was me at eight years old doing me. Sometimes I would paint my face to do makeup and look like a clown or ghost and still practice some runway walks. Well, the journey hasn't been easy but, with the extraordinary ability to combine the little outfits one has, you can also slay well. I see so much of me in my baby girl as she tries to look and walk like me by trying on my shoes and clothes (the same things I did with my mom and aunts). Well, I love to see how it all plays out and see more of her amazing personality. One thing you can all be sure of is that I'd sure give her the love and support she needs while chasing my dreams. I didn't quit throughout my life because I loved it so much, and I was supported throughout by families and friends and would love to take you all on this journey with me as I share my skills with the world.

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