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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Plantains goes with just about anything! Here are some options to pair your plantain with & pepper sauce is always the best part. This is a quick comfort meal for brunch /dinner. Total Prep Time: 20 mins. Servings: 2-4 servings. Cook Time: 30-40 minutes. INGREDIENTS • 1 Onion • 3 bell pepper (mix the colors) • 1-3 Hot pepper ( spicy 🌶) or you can go without if you’re not into hot and spicy food. • 3-4 packs of Sazon Goya. SEASONING • ½ tbsp of salt • 1 tbsp black pepper. • 1 maggi crevette shrimp/ chicken buillon or maggi star crayfish/ Nigerian Maggi. • 1 knorr cubes. • 1 tbsp of badia complete seasoning. • 1 tbsp of lawry’s all purpose chicken seasoning.

Cooking Steps: • Plantains: Fry in oil/ air fry 5-10 minutes • Air fry fish, chicken (15-25 minute) or fry in oil. Sauce: • Blend the bell pepper, onion and hot pepper. • Fry in ½ cup of oil for 16-20 mins. • Add seasoning to the sauce Tip: Try to divide your seasoning in half; half for prepping and the other half for making the sauce. Big pro tip: don’t fry the plantain first if you might eat them all! When the plantain is just ripe, I can’t get through cooking without “tasting” some! It’s a very dangerous game because I can taste my way to the last bite! Once you’ve fried the fish, chicken and shrimp, serve with the plantain and the pepper sauce. I hope you enjoy this quick meal and please don’t forget to drop your questions and share the video with friends and family.. I appreciate all the continued support. Please don’t to subscribe (YouTube: cooking with miatta) for more cooking tips, recipe and much more! Until next time, keep your belly happy. Thank you!

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