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pepper sauce

Updated: Jan 8, 2022


- A good old pepper sauce always adds that spicy and hot taste to your dishes. I’m sure you all would want to get the recipe as you know if it’s coming from Mia, it’s going to be yummy and tasty. Sit tight and hold on to your seats as I walk you through some short and simple steps to have your amazing pepper sauce ready in no time.


• Smoke fish

• Get a lot of hot pepper(suggest three bags or more)

• 2 bell pepper to

increase the flavor.

• 3 onion


• 1 tbsp salt

• 2 tbsp black pepper

• 6 packet of goya sazon cilantro.

• Two (2) maggi crevette shrimp/ chicken buillon or maggi star crayfish/ Nigerian maggi.

• 2 knorr cubes

• 2 tbsp of badia complete seasoning.

•2 tbsp of lawry’s all purpose chicken seasoning.


• Fry in 1 cup of olive oil.

Liberian pepper sauce adds a lot of amazing spice and taste to just about anything you prepare. (Try it out )

This is a very delicate sauce and to get the best and amazing result. Don’t rush the process. cook on medium and or low heat until the water dries completely.

If you have gotten this far then I wish I could pay you a visit and have a taste of the beauty in the pot. Pepper sauce goes with just about anything and I will strongly suggest you learn and perfect the ingredients required to prepare it. Let me know how it came out. Drop me a message or comment, and please don't forget to share and invite friends to the family. #Cookingwithmiatta #Africanfood #Tastyfood #spicyfood

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