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Palava Sauce/Molokhia

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Is a stew widely eaten in parts of West Africa. The way I’m cooking it today is how Liberians cook it. The name Palava in Liberia refers to something like “Trouble” or fussing! One thing I can tell you about this is the kind of trouble this stew will bring to be to your nose and the hunger to your belly! 😂. Palava sauce leaves are similar to Mulukhiyah/ Molokhai found in other ethnic stores. Let’s take a look at how to prepare this meal. Total Prep Time: 40mins. Serving: 5-10 serving. Cook Time: 60-90 minutes. INGREDIENTS • Variety of fish and meat of your choice • 4-6 hot pepper (spicy) or you can cut it down if you’re not into hot and spicy food unlike me I like it spicy and hot especially for my palava sauce. •Palm oil • Palava sauce •Onions SEASONING • 1 Tbsp of salt • 1 Tbsp black pepper. • 1 Maggi crevette shrimp/ chicken buillon or maggi star crayfish/ Nigerian maggi. • 1 Knorr cube. • 1 Tbsp of badia complete seasoning. • 1 Tbsp of lawry’s all purpose chicken seasoning. Let’s get into the cooking

Steps: Boil : Palava sauce for 20-30 minutes. Tip: Divide your seasoning in half; half for prepping and the other half for making the soup. This way you can keep track of the seasoning and avoid over seasoning. Next: Mix all the ingredients together in the stew and stir. Next, add the palm oil and let it cook for 10-20 minutes. Your palava sauce should be ready after this. Remember, we are not all professional chefs here. Cooking should be fun and easy so if you follow these steps, your meal should come out just like mine! We are all learning and enjoying the process of cooking and trying out new meals. Cooking, just like a lot of skills requires constant practice. Don’t be afraid to try this out and if it’s not coming out right, keep trying! I hope you enjoyed making this meal with me. Please don’t forget to drop your questions and share the video with friends and family. As always, remember this is an ethnic food and cooked differently for different people. You can make it your way & that’s okay! Thank you for supporting my passion for cooking. You can subscribe to my cooking channel on YouTube: (Cooking with Miatta) for more cooking tips, recipes and much more. The website ( also has up-to-date content on cooking and all things yummy! Until next time, remember to always keep your belly happy. Thank you!

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