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Cassava Leaves

The name got you wondering right? Well, first do you know cassava? It’s a starchy root plant mostly used for fufu or gari. So, cassava leaves are the leaves we will be converting today to make something so delicious and yummy to compliment your rice!

Cassava leaves have a lot of nutritional and health benefits includes :

• It assists in digestion and helps to overcome constipation.

• It also helps to relieve headaches, serves as medication for cold, worms, rheumatism, ulcers, diarrhea and even enhance stamina! Imagine all this just from leaves?

Well, here’s what you need to prepare the meal:


• Variety of fish and meat of your choice.

• 3-6 hot pepper (spicy) or less (if you’re not into hot and spicy food )

•Palm oil (2 cup)

• Cassava leaf( 2 frozen bag)

• Onions ( 1)

• Peanut butter 2 Tbsp( optional)

. Oregano 2 Tbsp (optional)


• 1 Tbsp of salt

• 1 Tbsp black pepper.

• 1 Maggi crevette shrimp/ chicken buillon or maggi star crayfish/ Nigerian maggi.

• 1 Knorr cube.

• 1 Tbsp of badia complete seasoning.

• 1 Tbsp of lawry’s all purpose chicken seasoning.

Let’s get into the cooking:

-Wash the cassava leaves twice to remove sand or anything else from the grounded the leaves

-Boil for 30-40 mins

-Add 2 tbsp of peanut butter

-Add in 2 cups of red oil/ palm oil

-Mix well and cook for another 10-20 mins.

At this point, keep the store on low heat until the water dries out of the cassava leaves

Tip: Try to divide your seasoning in half; half for prepping and the other half for making the soup. This way you get to keep track of it and ensure you don’t exceed the required amount.

The secret to getting the best result of this meal is don’t rush the process! Make sure you follow the step by step of this recipe. Also, if you make a mess or skip a step, keep practicing to get the best results. Cooking here is not about perfection. Please Don’t forget to leave a review, subscribe and invite friends/families to join us here. Until next time, remember to keep making your belly happy!

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Highly nutritious and


Aug 27, 2022

So nutritious 😍♥️♥️


Wow wow wow, this looks easier than it


U always giving out the


Yummy taste🥰🥰

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