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My First Cruise Adventure: A Journey of Surprises and Discoveries

My first cruise experience was truly an unforgettable adventure, and I owe it all to my brother who encouraged me to conquer my fear of the open ocean. Initially, I had apprehensions and random thoughts swirling in my mind, but as we embarked on this journey, excitement took over. However, what followed were a series of surprises, both delightful and costly, that shaped my perception of cruising.

Rough Seas and Relaxation:

The first two days at sea were marked by turbulent weather, and I could feel every sway of the ship. But despite the initial unease, we made the most of it. We indulged in delectable meals, had a blast at parties, and reveled in the sheer joy of being on board. On day 2, we decided to explore a specialty restaurant, but a piece of advice I would offer is to inquire about any additional charges before dining at these less frequented places.

The Price of Connectivity:

One of the early shocks of the cruise was the cost of internet access. With no cell service on the ocean, we had to purchase an internet package, which set us back a whopping $277 for just 8 days. This expense certainly exceeded my usual monthly bill and was an unexpected surprise.

Culinary Adventures:

Our cruise ship offered a variety of dining options, but everything came with a price tag. Even a simple bottle of water in our room cost $7. The specialty 3D restaurant, where we had an exquisite meal, turned out to be another costly experience, with a bill of $180. While the food and the historical insights were impressive, I wish I had known about the extra charges beforehand.

Navigating Expenses:

As a non-drinker, I quickly learned that everything on the ship came with a price, including alcoholic beverages. Despite alcohol packages being available, even those who opted for them were often dissatisfied with the quality of the drinks.

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Exploring Puerto Rico:

Our first port of call was San Juan, Puerto Rico, a beautiful Caribbean island with a rich landscape. While sightseeing and trying the local cuisine were highlights of the day, I encountered a language barrier mishap during a shopping excursion. Always double-checking prices, especially in foreign countries, became a valuable lesson.

Vibrant St. Thomas:

St. Thomas, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, offered a vibrant atmosphere. We took a tour bus, which cost $30 per person but was free for children. The tour

provided insights into the places we visited, and the day concluded with a captivating musical theater performance.

St. Maarten's Simplicity:

St. Maarten, split between its northern French side, Saint-Martin, and southern Dutch side, Sint Maarten, provided a more laid-back experience. We explored the Dutch side, sampled fresh coconut water, and cooled off in the azure waters.

Tortola's Natural Beauty:

Tortola, the largest of the British Virgin Islands, captivated us with its white-sand beaches and clear blue waters. Despite being the smallest stop, it was rich in history, and a tour bus guided us through the island's recovery from a recent hurricane.

Dominican Republic Detour:

Our final port of call was Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. While we explored the city and its historical sites,

we faced an unexpected $83 bill at a local restaurant, a departure from the usually budget-friendly Dominican cuisine.

The Art of Negotiation:

Using private tours often led to visits to connected stores, where the pressure to buy was strong. I learned the importance of being assertive with decisions to avoid unnecessary expenses.


My first cruise adventure was a rollercoaster of surprises, from unexpected expenses to breathtaking experiences at various ports. While it had its share of ups and downs, it left me eager to explore more of the world through cruising, albeit with a better understanding of the costs involved. My next cruise adventure will be with a different company, as I look forward to discovering what else the high seas have in store.

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Sep 28, 2023

What a beautiful cruise adventure 😍


Sep 28, 2023

This is beautiful 🤭😍

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