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African Chef Learn How To Make American Mac&Cheese with Collard Greens | Comfort Food Delight

As a chef specializing in West African cuisine, I'm always eager to expand my culinary horizons and try new dishes from around the world. This past week, I had the pleasure of inviting my friend, Ms. D, to teach me how to make two classic American comfort foods: Mac and Cheese and Collard Greens. The combination of creamy mac and cheese paired with hearty, flavorful collard greens was a delightful experience that added a new dimension to my culinary repertoire. Today, I'm excited to share the delicious recipes we crafted together.

Collard Greens Recipe:


  • 1 bunch of fresh collard greens

  • 3-4 turkey necks or smoked turkey wings

  • 1 onion, chopped

  • 2 cloves of garlic, minced

  • 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes (adjust to taste)

  • 2 cups chicken or vegetable broth

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • Seasonings of your choice (e.g., Cajun seasoning, smoked paprika, or a bay leaf)


  1. Start by washing the collard greens thoroughly. Remove the tough stems and chop the leaves into bite-sized pieces.

  2. In a large pot, add the turkey necks (or wings), chopped onions, minced garlic, and your choice of seasonings. Sauté these ingredients for a few minutes until the onions turn translucent.

  3. Add the chopped collard greens to the pot and stir to combine them with the turkey necks and seasonings.

  4. Pour in the chicken or vegetable broth and season with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes to your taste. Feel free to add additional seasonings for extra flavor.

  5. Cover the pot and let the collard greens simmer for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, or until they become tender and flavorful. Stir occasionally and add more broth if needed.

Mac and Cheese Recipe:


  • 8 oz of your favorite macaroni (The Bougie Pasta)

  • 2 cups shredded Gouda cheese

  • 1 cup shredded sharp yellow cheddar cheese

  • 1 cup shredded marble cheese

  • 2 cups milk

  • 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

  • 2 tablespoons butter

  • Salt and pepper to taste

  • A pinch of nutmeg (optional)

  • 1/2 cup breadcrumbs (for topping, optional)


  1. Cook the macaroni (The Bougie Pasta) according to the package instructions until it's al dente. Drain and set it aside.

  2. In a separate saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the flour and whisk continuously to create a roux. Cook for a few minutes until it turns a light golden color.

  3. Gradually pour in the milk, whisking constantly to avoid lumps. Continue cooking and stirring until the mixture thickens and becomes smooth.

  4. Reduce the heat to low, and add the shredded Gouda, cheddar, and marble cheese to the sauce. Stir until the cheese is fully melted, and the sauce becomes creamy. For added flavor, include a pinch of nutmeg, salt, and pepper.

  5. Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C).

  6. In a large baking dish, combine the cooked macaroni and the cheese sauce. Mix them together until the pasta is coated evenly with the cheese sauce. If desired, sprinkle breadcrumbs on top for a crispy crust.

  7. Bake in the preheated oven for about 20-25 minutes or until the top is golden and bubbly.


The result of our culinary adventure was a mouthwatering meal that combined the creamy richness of American Mac and Cheese with the earthy, soul-warming flavors of Collard Greens. It was a true fusion of comfort food from different cultures, and I'm grateful to Ms. D for sharing her expertise. I encourage you to try this delightful combination of Mac and Cheese with Collard Greens for yourself, and savor the wonderful blend of flavors that it offers. Happy cooking and bon appétit!

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