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How To Make Meatball Pasta

Meatball. Hmmmmm I’m sure some of you are asking ‘what kind of meat is in a ball’ – right? Well, don’t worry by the end of this episode of cooking with Miatta, you will know AND you will also be able to prepare meatball pasta by following the steps. Meatball Pasta is an Italian American dish consisting of spaghetti (pasta) tomatoes and of course ground beef rolled into a ball! Not only is this meal easy to prepare, it is also very nutritional. The beef contains a lot of protein, tomatoes gives you a lot of Vitamin C and other nutrients. So, let’s get into it!

Servings- 5-10 servings

Prep Time – 20-30 minutes

Cook Time- 40-60 minutes


- Eight (8)Mix bell pepper (blended)

- Five(5) whole sweet onions (blended)

- Hot pepper 2-3 (blended)

- 1-2 bottles of marinara sauce

- Shrimp

- Ground meat( beef, turkey, chicken)

- Mushroom

- Fresh baby tomatoes

- Fresh Parsley

- Pasta


• 1 tbsp of black pepper

• ½ tbsp of salt (sea salt) add to your salt preference and taste.

• 1 Maggi crevetteshrimp/ chicken bouillon or Maggi star crayfish/ Nigerian Maggi.

• 1 knorr cubes